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SMS Network Coverage For Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked and mountainous country that is usually designated as being located in South Asia. It is sometimes described as being the center or heart of Asia, connecting South and East Asia with Central and Western Asia. The country is the 41st largest in the world in size. Communications in Afghanistan has grown considerably in the last decade, and has embarked on wireless companies, internet, radio stations and television channels.There are also a number of VSAT stations in major cities such as Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazari Sharif, and Jalalabad, providing international and domestic voice/data connectivity. The international calling code for Afghanistan is +93. There are many mobile network providers like Afghan Wireless, Roshan, Etisalat, the first company to provide 3G services in Afghanistan and MTN Group

Country Network Code Rate
Afghanistan 93
All $0.0208
AWCC 70 $0.0208
Afghan Telecom 72 $0.1000
MTN 77 $0.0195
Etisalat 78 $0.0104
Roshan 79 $0.0208
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