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SMS Network Coverage For Anguilla

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Eastern Caribbean, part of the British West Indies. It is a small but rapidly developing island with particularly well-developed tourist facilities. LIME is a mobile network operator owned by Cable & Wireless Communications PLC, covering 13 Caribbean countries. Anguilla has a modern Telecommunication system. The provision of data and internet services, telephone, cellular, voicemail, paging, internet access, facsimile, leased circuit and toll free services are available, as well as Cable & Wireless Caribbean phonecards, PBX and other equipment. There are different network operator like LIME, Digicel, Weblinks serving the country. LIME and Digicel are the fastest growing mobile telecommunications operator Anguilla, offering cost-effective mobile services aligned with the calling needs of customers, whose preferences gradually shift from traditional postpaid services to no-contract prepaid plans.

Country Network Code Rate
Anguilla 1264
All $0.0351
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