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SMS Network Coverage For Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a constitutional republic with a developing economy. The Azerbaijan economy has been markedly stronger in recent years and, not surprisingly, the country has been making progress in developing ICT sector. Nonetheless, it still faces problems. These include poor infrastructure and an immature telecom regulatory regime. The Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies (MCIT), as well as being an operator through its role in Aztelekom, is both a policy-maker and regulator. There are many operators serving the country like Azercell, Nar Mobile,Bakcell, Aztrank, Catel

Country Network Code Rate
Azerbaijan 994
All $0.0741
Catel 40 $0.0741
Bakcell 55 $0.0741
Nar Mobile 70 $0.0741
Azerfon-Vodafone 77 $0.0741
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