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Extend your Bussiness & market with ABTXT.COM

Detailed message log of every SMS you’ve sent or received

Select the sender ID to be your brand’s name instead of a number

Our Services

ABTXT.COM Provides you many Services Few of them are:

SMS Gateway

If you are looking for a full service SMS Gateway Service provider you have come to the right place.

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Free Register to use our Free SMS API for software integration

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Global Reach

ABTXT.COM provides you the best Global service for exchanging messages and help you out to meet your needs.

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Web To SMS

  • Offer quality services at low rate
  • Communicate effectively with your audience by automating notifications, verifications, and promotional offers.
  • Great solution to broadcast critical updates & automate customer feedback collection.

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bulk sms

Bulk SMS

  • Comprehensive and user friendly
  • Instant and quick delivery without delay
  • 24/7 round the clock support
  • Dynamic delivery reports

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  • The developers can also also use it in their development
  • Use our API into your sms gateway for seamless integration of messages to send to your intended customers
  • Enhance the functionality of your web application by offering unified SMS solutions​

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email to sms

Email To SMS

  • Without installing anysoftware, simply use your existing email account
  • Suitable for the clients whose employees dont have internet access
  • Develop your business through the Email service of ABTXT.COM to market your product.
  • Send SMS by using any of your email account e.g Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook
  • Send SMS to your clients and employees from your own existing business or personal email address

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SMS On MY Site

  • Send SMS directly from your own website to the desired customers or employees
  • Simply add the ready made script into your website and your are ready to send SMS.
  • You can send Private messages, reminders and notifications to the customers directly

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two way sms, 2 way sms

Two Way SMS

  • No hazards of software installation required
  • You can send and receive SMS
  • Get the delivery report status​
  • SMPP and HTTP protocols to send and receive SMS
  • Send messages like confirming appointment, appointment reminders, SMS voting quizzes with a simple YES/NO reply

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Our Services

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  • World's Topest Network Coverage

  • High Speed Network Delivery

  • Unicode & Flash Messages

  • HTTP API Service

  • Two Way SMS Service

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