Branded SMS

What is Branded SMS? 

Branded SMS is a Text message that can reach the recipient’s mobile number via Brand or Company name instead of Any Mobile number. 

Branded SMS by ABTXT.COM 

ABTXT.COM is the largest business SMS service provider in World Wide and provide several te best SMS messaging services along with SMS Gateway App. 

ABTXT.COM allows businesses to send SMS messages to their customers with their own brand name. Our services allow you to set your own Sender ID which enables businesses to send SMS messages with their own registered business name.  

Sender ID: 

You can set the sender ID of your choice by adding it in your account and once approved you can use it to send SMS. Alphanumeric Sender ID are allowed only if you submit relevant supporting documents (Trademark, brand, registration, company registration) and undertaking on your letterhead. Sender ID is a combination of numeric and alpha or only alpha characters (0-9, a-z, A-Z, _). It’s dynamically setup by the user. Maximum length of alphanumeric SMS Sender ID is 11 characters. Due to regulatory issues, some countries are limited to 8 characters. 

Who can use it?


Promotion of products, Surveys  & Feedback from Buyers.


Used to Engage with their customers, Customer Service


Send Notifications, Reminder for events, alerts.

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