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SMS Compliance:

SMS Gateway business seem quite simple and easy, but in real terms is complex when it comes to rules and regulations regarding SMS messaging service used for marketing purposes. Sending SMS message to the wrong party at the wrong time may have a negative impact on your customer’s experience, as well as place the company in jeopardy of legal action. 

It only makes sense that this is (and should be) your target as a company or organization—to deliver messages to people who wish to accept them? If your company is based in another country, or if you have clients in another country, you must comply with all existing legislation and SMS compliance provisions in the countries where you do business. 

It’s important to consider what spam is, as well as the rules that govern telemarketing spam (TCPA) and the organizations that work to protect users from spam, in order to prevent SPAM violations (CTIA). 

Keeping in view all the legal requirements for SMS messaging apps ABTXT SMS Gateway has provided a special feature to all businesses who wants to conduct marketing campaigns to give their users an “opt-out” option. Users only have to reply “STOP”, if they don’t want to receive those messages in the future. 

ABTXT always puts customer first and abide by the rules laid down by authorities to conduct SMS messaging business in a legal way. We assure that our customers are not misguided and our features and instructions are clear in order to protect users privacy. 

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