What is Email to SMS Service?

ABTXT.COM is a gateway from email to SMS, with ABTXT.com you can access this service from a wide range of email-capable devices, like desktops, smartphones, tablets, it supports any email provider, for example Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live. 

This program enables you to convert an email into a text message with minimal effort. Simply write your email and send your message, your message will be translated, and responses can be sent back to you.

Who can use it?


Our email to SMS gateway service was created to provide you and your company with the ability to send emails as SMS. Sending your emails as SMS text messages ensures that they are noticed and not lost in the inbox clutter. 

Take care of important SMS communication quickly. Streamline your workflow by sending text messages to staff, leads, or customers straight from your email inbox. 

Benefits of Email to SMS with ABTXT.COM


4 easy STEPS to send Email to SMS:

  • Create Account
  • Create your contact group or upload contact by csv
  • Type your message in the text body
  • Then preview your message and click send button

Other features of Sms Messages

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