One API that can manage all Messages

Businesses will now provide reliable, flexible WhatsApp consumer connectivity that is fully secure, both legally and in terms of data security, thanks to the API. As part of further distribution of the WhatsApp Business Solution, it has agreed not to provide a newsletter broadcasting function. 

Get ready for WhatsApp

SMS.ABTXT, your true key WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, this will help you get your apps ready for WhatsApp right now. 

If you are already using our API then you don’t need to do anything else, just change message type and you are done

WhatsApp Business API!

What you need to know 

For businesses looking to engage customers in a secure and private chat, WhatsApp is a dream come true. 

However to secure you WhatsApp messages it requires each business to be verified through Facebook Business Manager to ensure spam free and appropriate contents send to customers using end-to-end encryption. 

Give Yourself a Headstart Connect with SMS/ABTXT right now and you’ll be able to go as soon as WhatsApp approves the request. We know the platform inside and out as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and will assist you in checking all the boxes.

You Order, We Deliver!

We offer fast and reliable solution with unique features.

  • Turn on WhatsApp in minutes.

    We've already completed all hard work for you. IT Company’s unified API gives you immediate access to all WhatsApp Business features.

  • Continue the conversation with full context

    ABTXT.COM’s WhatsApp integration provides agents with the initial message as users respond to a notification, providing them the information they need to begin the chat smoothly. 

  • Deliver messages no matter what

    Beyond WhatsApp, SMS.ABTXt’s consolidated updates API includes all the platforms, from WhatsApp, SMS, Email to SMS and SMS to Email. Configure the fallbacks easily to ensure that any message is sent, regardless of the user's platform. 

  • Automate the conversation

    You can link several systems to the WhatsApp message stream with SMS.ABTXT in the loop. From distribution and support clouds to commerce and reservation systems, integrate all of the offerings into SMS.ABTXT’s single conversation pipeline and orchestrate how they access and respond to every customer conversation. 

We're happy to host

ABTXT.COM will assist you if you’re a brand handling one WhatsApp API Client or a customer engagement of provisioning and retaining thousands of your video, images and documents.

  • Manage Contacts

    Manage, filter, and organize all of your contacts in online address book

  • Free Setup Fee

    Free setup fee for setting up your SMS.ABTXT account or approving the WhatsApp API through Facebook.

  • Multiple Agents

    Use WhatsApp to provide customer service with a shared inbox for several agents.

  • Rich Messaging & Interactive Buttons

    Rich Media Templates, such as photographs, videos, and documents, are available to you. Interactive keys, such as simple reply buttons and call to action buttons, can also be sent.

  • Auto Reply

    Auto reply chatbots can be built with pre-defined responses from your account.

  • 2 Way Messages

    Secure End2End Messaging and see response from web interface.

  • Access WhatsApp's Official APIs

    Both WhatsApp Official APIs are available to you. You have the choice to create your own system. The API Document would be identical to that found on the WhatsApp website.

What you will Get out of WhatsApp Business Integration

  • Brand Call

  • High open rates- over 98% open rates

  • Better read ratio

  • High response rate

  • Customer Preference

Note: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Logo are brand assets and trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Other features of Sms Messages

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