What is it?

An application or software that allows users to send text messages directly from their computers is known as a desktop short message service (SMS). It will be beneficial to both businesses and customers. 


Send SMS from Desktop Application without login into any website
Receive SMS in your Desktop Application
Upload Contacts
Manage Address book

How to download it?

Click here to download Desktop SMS Application. 

Who can use it?


Promotion of products, Surveys  & Feedback from Buyers.


Used to Engage with their customers, Customer Service


Send Notifications, Reminder for events, alerts.


Through ABTXT SMS Gateway App, you can access your customers on their phones from anywhere in the world in the easiest and most cost-effective manner possible. Consider the ABTXT SMS gateway to be a giant device that, on the one hand, is linked to over 1000 mobile networks around the world and, on the other, your business programme. This ensures that instead of connecting to each mobile network separately, you only need to link to one – the ABTXT SMS gateway. 

Our SMS portal will intelligently transmit your messages at the appropriate time, to the appropriate telephone phone, on the appropriate smartphone, in the appropriate country, anywhere in the world. The process of incorporating text messaging is a breeze with our SMS APIs. 

Other features of Plugins

WordPress Plugin
WHMCS Plugin

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Network & Prices

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