Our Services

ABTXT.COM is Free Bulk SMS Gateway Service Provider for webmasters, wanting to use free SMS Gateway on their web sites and provide SMS services to website visitors, Customers or company employees. Webmasters of public or corporate websites can have a fully functional branded Web SMS Gateway with HTTP, SMPP, tools and API’s for integration in minutes. Web-SMS deliver your message using fast and reliable routes using industry standard protocols such as SMPP and HTTP and cutting edge user interfaces and GUI.

Web SMS Services

Web SMS is the best solution for all to send
Web SMS. Our Web SMS Service let you send SMS from internet, you can broadcast SMS or send it as marketing message to your customers from our web site.​

SMS on yor WEB

Any registered user can use our Web SMS Gateway to receive SMS from own web site, Internet users can contact you through SMS. Ready script is available for each user, to put on your web page or emails signature as a SMS Me link.​

SMS Sender ID​

Do you want to send messages to your clients and customers with your own brand name or company name as the Sender ID? Sender ID is your identification on the recipient's mobile phone when user receive SMS as Text message.

SMS Messenger

SMS Messenger is convenient and powerful desktop tool that help you to send out SMS from your computer to any mobile phones across the globe.
You can send SMS messages from the comfort of your desktop window, all at the click of a button.
SMS Messenger enables you to chat with your loved ones.

iphone SMS App​

ABTXT.COM offers you texting app that works with a variety of Apple products, including the iPhone and iPod touch. However, it’s really valuable for iPod touch users, who don’t have a phone and have no way to send text messages except for apps like this one. Our iphone SMS App integrates with your contact list, so all you have to do is tap the compose icon, pick a contact, and start typing.

Android SMS Apps​

ABTXT.COM offer you high quality “Android SMS Apps” and by having it you will be able to read text messages. It is more popular messaging app on Android market. You may find it special because this messaging app let you send messages with any other app. You will find it FAST, COOL, SIMPLE and FREE SMS Apps and you will experience best text on Android.

Email to SMS​

Email to SMS service enables you to send & receive emails 24/7 on your mobile phone without connecting to the internet. Through this service, you can get emails instantly from popular email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail direct to your mobile phone . This user-friendly service manages up to 5 email accounts and can be used on all handsets. All new e-mails will be pushed to your phone instantly as e-mail alerts; and you can respond immediately.

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