SMS to Email

SMS TO EMAIL is the most reliable way to receive large volumes of incoming messages. Integrate text messaging into a corporate email inbox so that end-users and agents can connect in their preferred networks.  

To segment opt-in type databases or submit automatic replies, you can use the platform’s keyword processing capabilities. Custom features can be quickly implemented as well. 

They allow your SMS account to both receive and send SMS. It functions similarly to a regular phone number, except that instead of being routed to a handset, responses are routed to our network. 

This app will allow you to forward SMS text messages as emails to your email address. With this services you have following benefits. 

Who can use it?

Promotion of products, Surveys  & Feedback from Buyers.

Used to Engage with their customers, Customer Service

Send Notifications, Reminder for events, alerts


Our SMS to Email gateway service was created to provide you and your company with the ability to send SMS messages to Email. Sending your SMS text messages as Emails text ensures that they are noticed and not lost due to network issues. 

SMS.ABTXT provides an easy and reliable platform to its users through which they can receive email to their own registered email address. This service of SMS.ABTXT provides you the facility to receive email of all the text messages that are sent to your registered mobile number.  

All you have to do is download and install “Mobile SMS Gateway,” and you’ll have a permanent archive of all communication submitted or received from your company and clients. SMS.ABTXT’s SMS to Email service provides corporate scalability and assures that the company receives email even though the customer is not in their home country. 

An easy setup process offers this capability for your entire company, no training required. 

Benefits of Email to SMS with SMS.ABTXT


Receive messages as an email in real time
View the message online
Implement keyword based marketing campaigns
Reporting and alerts
Share attachments with ease
Cost effective
Email alerts and CSV download from portal
Secure and reliable

4 easy STEPS to send Email to SMS:

  • Download and install “Mobile SMS Gateway"
  • Configure on your Mobile along with your registered number
  • Type your message in the text body
  • Then preview your message and click send button
  • Once message delivered you will receive SMS message in your account portal as well as in your email

Other features of Sms Messages

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two way sms

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