How Bulk SMS Services Help Businesses and Why it is Important Nowadays? Mobile phones, as we all know, rule our digital world, thus mobile-focused marketing has become a major component of every strategic marketing plan. Every firm that wishes to preserve a competitive edge over their competitors and preserve an industry advantage must invest in mobile marketing.  Communication has progressed from cumbersome, corded, portable telephones to mobile cellular gadgets that fit in the palm of your hand and function like a supercomputer. Communication methods have evolved in tandem with the advancement of communication technology. Emails, messages, and WhatsApp have all contributed to the globe being a smaller, more connected
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How to Use ABTXT.COM Email to SMS Service? Please follow the instructions below to add your e-mail account [From Email Address] to the approved list: 1- Login to WWW.ABTXT.COM with your ABTXT.COM username and password. 2- In the "My Account" page you can see your "Email to SMS" icon. 3- Open Email to SMS settings page. 4- Add your email [From Email Address] in the email textbox and save your settings. How Email2SMS works: You can send an email in the format recipient`s mobile number@abtxt.com with your "Username" in the subject line, and the body of the email containing 160 characters of SMS Text message, more than 160 will be ignored. Our
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ABTXT SMS GATEWAY INFORMATION ABTXT provides SMS gateway services for more than 750+ networks, you can send bulk SMS to mulitple countries. ABTXT gateway connected directly into multiple global mobile operators SS7 backbone. We provide users with industry standard access protocols such as SMPP, Users can connect from their SMPP 3.4 compliant application and can send and receive bulk and streaming SMS. SMS can be sent in different formats like text, Unicode, Long SMS, VCards, VCalendar, WAP Push, Ring tones as single or Group messages. Short code and Virtual Text number messages can be received from mobiles and delivery reports for messages sent can be received into
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