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Two Way SMS Gateway provides you with a suite of tools to improve and expand customer ties. Our 2-way service for text messaging makes it easy for you to communicate. Companies of all sizes use our two-way SMS service to provide assistance, close deals, and communicate with customers, because everyone knows how to text. 

Who can use it?


SMS is a great way to communicate to customers and to your employees for appointment reminders, marketing campaigns, notifications, alerts and update. 

Two Way SMS are a quick tool to add to your communication mix, which is simple and secure. Our team of professionals will work close with your organization to help you better reach your customers. ABTXT.Com lets you send larger amounts of messages in a shorter time frame, it increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns and decreasing the time and effort spent in contacting your customers and create a tight connection with them.

Benefits of Two Way SMS with ABTXT.COM for marketing service


4 easy STEPS to send Email to SMS:

  • Create Account
  • Create your contact group or upload contact by csv
  • Type your message in the text body
  • Then preview your message and click send button

Other features of Sms Messages

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