Bulk SMS Service Provider

What is Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS is a way to transmit text messages to several cellular devices within a click. The Bulk SMS Interface Gateway does all the heavy lifting and makes it easy for its users to integrate SMS with your favorite system.

If you want to send a single message to multiple destination numbers then the Bulk SMS service is the instant way to ensure the delivery of your multiple messages.


SMS.ABTXT always tries to serve their customers through proper SMS gateway channel.  

Benefits of bulk SMS.ABTXT marketing service


Intuitive and powerful platform
Ability to send WAP push SMS
Data Authenticity
Remote Access
Schedule SMS 
Personilzed messaging
No charge of connectivity
Compliance and Security
Web-Based Platform
Delivery Report
100% Gateway up time guaranteed

4 easy STEPS to send bulk SMS:

  • Create Account
  • Create your contact group or upload contact by csv
  • Type your message in the text body
  • Then preview your message and click send button

Other features of Sms Messages

email to sms
sms to email
two way sms

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