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Use your network provider's unlimited SMS plan for bulk SMS, and projects in your region. A cheap, reliable and cost-effective option to spread your word with just one click.

What is SMS Gateway App?

An SMS Gateway allows you to send and receive text messages, or Short Message Service (SMS), in bulk from a computer.

The SMS gateway allows you to send and receive SMS and other media in 2 ways:

A web application that allows you to connect from any device with internet access to send and receive SMS messages.

Connect your software to our SMS gateway to send and receive SMS directly in the applications you already use.


We’re world pioneer in mobile messaging, allowing companies to communicate, collaborate, and transact with their customers from anywhere. Our SMS Gateway App can send large numbers of bulk SMS messages all over the world, and our SMS services are flexible, dependable, and simple to use.

We provide you with the messaging solutions that you require. Enabling you to get your messages to the right customers, at the right time.

Exclusive Features:

Our app is jam-packed with powerful and comprehensive tools for managing your posts, and you’ll have total control over your account’s features

You can quickly send a large number of messages to various contact groups, as well as send short messages for quick transactions. Our platform also includes smart shipping features, which allow us to automatically determine the best device for sending!

With our well-documented API interface, you’ll be able to easily add SMS sending capability into any device. With our multi-permission Api keys, you can fully access all of your API transactions.

Our app is intelligent and just needs the messages you want to send; we’ll take care of the rest! Now conduct promotion, selling, Engagement and improve customer targeting with our automated SMS structure.


Through ABTXT SMS Gateway App, you can access your customers on their phones from anywhere in the world in the easiest and most cost-effective manner possible. Consider the ABTXT SMS gateway to be a giant device that, on the one hand, is linked to over 1000 mobile networks around the world and, on the other, your business programme. This ensures that instead of connecting to each mobile network separately, you only need to link to one – the ABTXT SMS gateway.

Our SMS portal will intelligently transmit your messages at the appropriate time, to the appropriate telephone phone, on the appropriate smartphone, in the appropriate country, anywhere in the world. The process of incorporating text messaging is a breeze with our SMS APIs.


Create rich, responsive SMS messages
Send bulk SMS
Collect data analytics to analyze
Refine your communications with instant messages
Send single SMS
Global SMS Coverage

Other features of Sms services

Schedule SMS
SMS Inbox
SMS Compliance
Branded SMS
SMS Draft
Receive SMS Online

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