Turn your Android Mobile into a SMS Gateway!

Send and receive SMS messages programmatically
through our SMS Gateway App!
Use your sim-enabled Android smartphones to get started our SMS Gateway App includes all of the necessary tools.

Turn Any Email Into An SMS Message From Any Email Client
Send an email and have it received as an SMS with ABTXT.COM.
You can send to one contact or group through one simple email.

ABTXT.COM offers you a special feature of receiving SMS Online.
Now, all your responses will be secured on Online portal and instant email notification will be sent.
Left your phone at home? no problem, you can send and receive SMS through our Android SMS Gateway App from anywhere.

Quickly send SMS messages to various contact groups.

Just make contact groups for up to 10,000 contacts, send them to schedule SMS or Email to the group email address for bulk SMS delivery.

Want to make SMS personalise?

Use as a variable to show recipient name in your SMS (only works, if you have added contact name in your address book)

Easily integrate sms sending capability to any systems with our fully documentated API interface,
you’ll be able to do it by yourself!

Setup SMS Triggers to respond your visitors instantly.

You can schedule SMS and save SMS templates in Drafts.