Choosing Keyword?

  • Keep it easy to remember
  • Ask your customer reply to specific keywords to get your response
  • Avoid Special Characters
  • One word is best

How to set up SMS keywords & triggers with ABTXT.COM

Simply follow these basic steps to begin your automatic SMS workflow using any keyword and trigger functions:

  • Create an account is ABTXT.COM
  • Then go to “Messages” and then from the drop down select “Automate SMS Reply”
  • Now select “Add Automate SMS Reply”
  • Then choose keyword match option from the drop down
  • Enter keyword according to the “Keyword match option” you have selected
  • Now, enter your pre-defined SMS message, then Save
  • In order to test, just send message to yourself, using SMS Gateway App, WhatsApp or SMS and then reply to SMS with your set keywords and see automated response.

Other features of sms automation

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